American Independence Day – 4th of July 2019 Celebration & History

4th of July – American Independence Day: Each and Every country across the globe is marked by its historical significance and evolution. One such important day is celebrated every year in the United States of America as the Independence Day commemorated on 4th of July. It is an annual gathering of the citizens of US comprising of traditional and cultural events and programs. It is the only national holiday also known as a federal holiday marked with Patriotic display and thus enjoyed with a lot of zeal and fervor across the nation.

4th of July 2018
4th of July 2019

4th of July 2019 Celebration in USA

Independence Day is the celebration time for the US Citizens to express their feelings of being liberated and also a matter of countries pride. It is a festive affair where the entire city glorifies into different outdoors get together and functions. Being a public holiday, different organization groups arrange various events which are attended by mass public participation followed with Fireworks, Parades, concerts, social activities, political speeches and also ceremonies.

Families also relish the moment by taking the advantage of the day by planning or hosting a picnic or barbecue along with friends and relatives. Also for many of them, it is a fun-filled and frolicking time executed with relaxing hobbies like swimming, boating, playing sports. The day is accompanied by a number of special events, concerts which are unique to specific places in the USA. Overall 4th of July is the day of patriotism which is recognized and bears a patriotic, nationalistic touch to the most influential holiday of the year.

4th of July Celebrations
4th of July Celebrations

American Independence Day History

The Declaration of the American Independence Day was adopted in the 18th Century. The US was earlier noted as the colonies which were an extension of the European country mainly England. During the era, people from the country traveled through ships to settle in States, but eventually due to differences in life, thoughts, and interest there began to develop a rift between the two nations leading to severe tensions and disputes. Britain thereby decided to have more control over the colonies, which were lately disagreed by the colonial people with respect to new rules.

Britain began to impose taxes on the Colonies which ultimately resulted in revolt and agitation commencing into a war known as “American Revolution”. At this crucial moment, some great leaders like John Adams, Samuel Adams, and Ben Franklin came up with a firm decision to unite all the colonies and stand together against British rules and regulations.

American Independence Day
American Independence Day

American Revolution was speeding up in the major parts of the nation, where a second Continental Congress was formed. The group members adopted the final draft of Declaration of Independence which was drafted by Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston and Roger Sherman. All the Thirteen Colonies firmly stood behind the Declaration of Independence Day, which was adopted on the historical date of 4th July 1776.

Even though the state was declared independent, American Revolution still continued in major parts to state that they were still not independent. Finally, it was in the year 1783; the war came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Paris with Britain, the US formally become free and independent. Celebrations erupted in the United States followed with speeches, parades, military events, and fireworks. Thus it was sacrifices and hardships of the freedom fighters which ultimately led to the rise of this glorious day in the form of Independence Day which is enjoyed by each one of us remembering and gratifying those immortal personalities.

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